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About Us

We assist our investors, providing investmentstrategies, quality products and professional, ongoing support.

With our investors, Sydney Wealth Property is one ofSydneys leading property investment consultant companies. Our consultants arespecialised in helping investors to build their diversity in property portfoliowith our proven investment system. We provide detailed information for investorsthrough seminars, individual face-to-face meetings and regular informationnewsletter. We also research and secure quality investment property opportunitiesthroughout Sydney. All properties are fully researched and negotiated on behalfof our investors to secure the best deal.

Our investment consultants are available 7 daysthroughout Sydney and in China. Our experienced consultants will help yousecure your property investment oppunities.

A proven investment experience

Our Investment consultants help individualproperty investors build multi-location portfolios of varied property types.Investors with diverse portfolios take advantage of excellent investingopportunities and minimize investment risks

Research and sourcing quality properties

Due to our experience and large investor network, many of the best investmentopportunities are available to our investors. We negotiate with developers toget the best deals for investors and conduct due diligence on every property.

A personal, dedicated investment specialist

Every investor receives ongoing support from an experienced, local property consultantto assist with all their property investment. Successful investors understandthey need a supportive team of professionals around them in order to save time,reduce the risk of failure to achieve long term success.

Continuous education and support

It is vital that investors feel confident for the future property market inSydney so they continue to hold onto their investment property over the longterm. We assist investors throughout their investment journey, offering updatednews, the latest property market research and ongoing professional support.



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